Introducing 3procure™ MultiServe

3procure specializes in vendor-purchaser empowerment in the procurement arena - more info.
An e-commerce leader, 3procure delivers cutting edge integration solutions enabling suppliers of any scale and technology level to trade electronically with large centralized purchasing organizations that utilize Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
3procure’s solutions rapidly increase visibility and sales for the seller while reducing
costs and gaining ERP return on investment for the joom.
3procure is privately held, and was spun out of Dublin based Concept Design Group (CDG) in 2002. CDG is an award winning technology and e-business consulting company with a 14 year track record of delivering measurable business benefits to blue-chip clients, including AIB, KPMG, Standard Life, Microsoft, and NTL.
3procure is headquartered in Ireland and has offices in Boston, MA.

  The 3procure™ Mission

To bring the benefits of eProcurement to all organizations by reducing the cost and
complexity of implementation and management while maintaining best practises.

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