Stage 1

3procure™ will supply the vendor with an overview questionnaire to estimate
technology levels and general system requirements read it. A vendor conference will follow
that will give 3procure the opportunity to generate the specific business requirements for the vendor’s MultiServe portal site including all relevant information required to enable the electronic paperwork module.

  Stage 2

From the business specifications provided, 3procure™ will create a vendor
MultiServe Prototype site – this will include the catalogue interface design and
an electronic paperwork visual model, giving the vendor an understanding of the
user experience.

  Stage 3

On acceptance of the prototype lorano pro tabletten apotheke, 3procure™ will build the vendor’s MultiServe portal
site and create the browser-based version of the electronic paperwork system.
The vendor will provide CDG with their catalogue information in a predetermined
format. The completed site will be delivered to the vendor for testing.

  Stage 4

Upon approval, the MultiServe portal site will be integrated into the customer’s
development MultiServe portal. Full QA testing will be carried out on the site.

  Stage 5

After ERP system owner and vendor approval, the MultiServe portal site will be
integrated into the production MultiServe portal. At this stage, where possible
the back end integration of the e-paperwork module will be completed on the
vendor side. If required, education on the both the catalogue and the e-paperwork
module can be provided.

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