The 3procure™ MultiServe Portal Site

When a vendor integrates into their customer’s 3procure™ portal, 3procure™
generates a MultiServe portal further. The site is a secure, intuitive facility that will give
small to midsize vendors (SME’s) or large vendors with limited catalogue content
a robust, reliable e-procurement solution enabling them to become compliant with
their customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

The MultiServe portal site consists of a fully compliant Open Catalogue Interface
(OCI) to the customer’s ERP System and an XML electronic paperwork module that
enables the vendor to create an invoice and accept a purchase order from their
customer electronically, without adjusting their existing office systems.

The solution is a fully functional stand-alone e-commerce site. Within the portal,
the site is only available to the vendor and their customer, however it may be
integrated into other ERP systems if required. Multiple language facilities are
also available.


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