Catalog Maintenance

All the headaches associated with catalog maintenance, updating and integration
are removed from the purchasing organization.

  Catalog Approval

Many organizations require pre-approval on the specific catalog items that they
wish to make available to buyers in the organization and the price at which they
are purchased. 3procure gives that control to the purchaser.

If required by the purchaser, any new stock keeping unit (SKU) or price increase
on an existing catalog item by the vendor triggers a notification to the purchaser,
who must authorize the change on the 3procure portal. The change can be accepted in a few mouse clicks by any authorized person within the buying organization.

  Deployment Speed

The 3procure platform can be rolled out to a purchasing organization within a
matter of weeks while most of our competitors take many months.
Because the 3procure system is a fully outsourced hosted solution, the purchasing
department does not need to place additional burdens on scarce internal IT resources.

  Accessible to All Vendors

The 3procure platform can be used by all vendors; global enterprises can interface
electronic paperwork to their own back-end systems, while the smallest organizations
with extremely limited technical capability can use the built-in web based tools to
accept POs and submit invoices electronically. Because the 3procure solution can be implemented rapidly, and is accessible to the majority of vendors, the purchasing
company can enforce compliance to purchasing policies across virtually all categories
of spend, and dramatically reduce maverick purchasing.

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