Deliver rapid increase in sales

The online catalog reaches all purchasing mangers in the organization,
thus the vendor captures previously maverick spending

An intuitive and easily searchable online catalog increases sales from the
purchasing managers who already are ordering from the vendor.

  Real-time Catalog Management

Dynamic catalogue update through a simple interface

Add new SKUs and update the catalog in response to the observed patterns of
purchasing to increase sales.

Instantly create "special offers"

Target Marketing – recommend purchases to compliment those being undertaken

  Strengthens Customer Relationship

The purchaser commits to their vendors (usually on an annual basis)

Branding and value added services of the vendor are preserved through their
control of the content, structure and appearance of their catalogue

The vendors’ competitive differentiation and branding are maintained unlike
aggregated marketplaces

  Rapid Rollout

A vendor can be up and running on the 3procure system and available to
purchasers in the buying organization within hours

Vendors with a small number of SKUs can create their online catalog using a
simple web-based tool in a matter of minutes.

Larger catalogs can be imported into the 3procure system using a web-upload tool
from a variety of data formats including Microsoft Excel®.

For vendors who desire catalogs to match an existing corporate "look and feel",
or who wish to integrate the electronic paperwork into their own back-office systems,
the development and integration can be done in days.

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