Perkin Elmer get set to launch 3 Procures Multiserve™1.0

Perkin Elmer run with Multiserve™1.0 into University of Toronto's e-Procurement Portal.

Perkin Elmer are a global technology leader in Life and Analytical Sciences, Optoelectronics and Fluid Sciences. Combining operational excellence and technology expertise with an intimate understanding of is customers' needs, PerkinElmer provides products and services in health sciences and other advanced technology markets that require innovation, precision and reliability. The Company is a leading provider of scientific instruments, consumables and services to the pharmaceutical, biomedical, environmental testing and general industrial markets. David Ruse spearheaded this initative to deploy the Multiserver solution with 3 Procure. We also modified a very needfull resource of tracking and tracing radioactive materials through this procurement system. We look forward to launching late novemeber early december.

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