eProcurement Technology Framework

A summary of the Irish eProcurement Technology Framework.

A technology framework should be put in place to provide public sector buyers, suppliers and the general public with secure access to an integrated range of procurement systems and services, using Internet technology. Building on the www.etenders.gov.ie initiative, a national procurement website should be provided as a gateway for users to access to procurement opportunities, related services and information. It is envisaged that a national electronic tender management facility would be provided to support the secure transmission of tender documents between buyers and bidders. The facility would support the whole tendering process from tender document preparation through tender award to contract management for supplies, services and works. Another feature is the provision of catalogue based ordering systems at sector and agency level. Such catalogues would provide public sector buyers with internet based facilities to search and order from on-line catalogues of goods and services available under contracts agreed with suppliers. Packaged solutions should be used where appropriate in preference to custom developed applications. An eProcurement Standards Working Group should be established at national level as part of the NOU, to maintain all technology standards associated with e-procurement. National standards should be developed for procurement management information to support the implementation of the new procurement management framework. eProcurement solutions should where economically beneficial be provided on a managed service basis. The electronic payment facilities and security infrastructure developed as part of the Public Services Broker should be used.

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