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Nov 1st 2004  
Medical Mart have chosen 3 Procure to offer their services to the UofT campus using Multiserve 2.0
Oct 1st 2004  
Multiserve Version 2.0 Launching November 2004.
Aug 5th 2004  
We are delighted that our first customers are still going strong and have renewed their contracts for another 3 years. Quotes Paul Mc Cann CEO.
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Aug 11th 2004  
Coke finds MRO is the real thing
June 8th 2004  
E-procurement will change everything: EI Tuesday, June 08 2004 by Anthony Quinn
Mar 7th 2004  
Scotland launches e-procurement Web site:


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Introducing 3procure™ MultiServe


Not every vendor is large scale. Some may be sole traders or supply a limited (specialized) catalogue to the companies they sell to. Becoming compliant to an ERP System can involve a large capital investment not available to these organizations. How do they remain competitive while avoiding the large-scale outlay involved with compliance?

The purchasing corporations want to keep their vendors, however they understand that compliance is important to get a return on the capital expenditure involved with the buying of their ERP system. In order to deliver a return on their investment they need to have and the vendors on line. Without the ability to complete purchasing transactions from within the system, the value of the ERP investment decreases considerably.  

3procure™ MultiServe is a two-sided solution that solves the compliance problem for both the purchaser and the vendor. The system fulfils the corporation’s need for compliance and gives the vendor a high quality catalogue solution that enables online ordering and XML e-paperwork facilitation at an affordable price.
3procure™ creates, hosts, maintains and updates both the MultiServe Portal
and the integrated portal site, freeing the parties involved to concentrate on
their core business.

"We believe that the solution 3Procure Technologies provide is a critical component of our overall strategic solution that will enable UofT to engage vendors of all sizes regardless of their degree of technology sophistication".
-Stephen Whittaker,
Director of Procurement Services,
University of Toronto.

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3Procure Contacts: Europe -> +353 1 8665871, Canada -> Free phone +800 3procure

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