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Our Web site and Your Privacy
Our web site is designed to provide you information about 3procure and allow you to explore 3procure's service offerings. This Privacy Statement is a summary of our commitment to protect your privacy in your visit to our site and may be revised and updated from time-to-time.

The Information We Gather
We collect information gathered by the technology we use in our site and information submitted directly by you. Information gathered by wundsalbe apotheke the technology we use in our site includes your Internet address, how you accessed and navigated our site, and the time you spent on the various pages of our site. Information submitted directly by you includes your e-mail address and name, as well as questions and requests submitted by you regarding our advertising and marketing, sales, services, partners and alliances, lead referral program. From time-to-time we may also provide you the opportunity to participate in online surveys or register for special events and conferences. It is completely your choice whether or not you directly submit any information to us. Any information submitted by you is information that you have the legal right to submit and shall be deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary.

We do not seek to collect sensitive personal information through this site such as personal identification numbers, race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, pregnancy, physical or mental health or condition, political affiliations or opinions, or criminal record or history. By directly submitting unsolicited sensitive personal information to us you consent to our use of such information subject to applicable law. Due to the open nature of the Internet, we advise you not to submit sensitive personal information or information you consider confidential.

Use Of The Information We Gather
Information submitted directly by you is used for our own marketing and sales purposes and to respond to your questions and requests. Information gathered by the technology we use in our site is analyzed to determine the effectiveness of our site and help us identify ways to improve it. We may also use information for other purposes which we will notify you of at the point we collect such information. Information we collect may be transferred internationally throughout our organization. While we take measures to maintain the security of our site and network, the open nature of the Internet may permit access and use of the information by people other than those for whom the information was intended.

We Do Not Share The Information We Collect With Other Parties
We will not sell individual information. The information we collect is for our internal use. There will be times when we need to share information, for example, informing vendors servicing an event of accommodations required by attendees.

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